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Carol from Delaware
Terry from Louisville
Jose` from Puerto Rico
Cheryl from NY

I absolutely love Plant Hooks. I received these for Mother’s Day and was surprised how easy they were to install - less then a minute each! The flower baskets looked so great I ordered two more Plant Hooks for my bird feeders. I’ve received so many wonderful compliments from my neighbors. I’ve sent photos of how Plant Hooks put the finishing touches on my new deck. Thank you Plant Hooks USA!

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Plant Hooks are great, they helped organize my small porch so the plants aren’t sitting on the ground anymore. Now I can put chairs out and enjoy the view. Thanks so much!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I absolutely love my plant hook and will be ordering several more come this spring.

All my neighbors have been asking where I got my Plant Hooks from. Here In PR we have the luxury of having them out all year round!

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